Dr. Price has given our family such peace of mind when it comes to the healthcare options for our family. With two young, active boys having a pediatrician that is always available to us and accommodating with our schedule is a total game changer. What’s best is that Dr. Price advocates for the health and wellbeing of our entire family in all circumstances. She’s a blessing to our family and the community!

We chose Dr. Price as the pediatrician for our kids ages 7 and 9 earlier this year and have been extremely impressed by her genuine interest in getting to know our family, our healthcare philosophy and goals as well as the attention to detail and consideration she has paid to our concerns (our daughter has a complex health history).

Dr. Price is such a valuable resource for families, particularly new moms, and a reassuring presence in the current environment in medicine.

When I first heard about Dr. Price - and the fact that she makes house calls - I thought she was too good to be true! The convenience of eliminating that logistical hurtle was just the beginning; Dr. Price is exceptionally knowledgable and caring. Our whole family feels an incredible degree of trust and reassurance under her care. If/when I have a question or would like clarity on something related to the health of my children, Dr. Price is easy to contact and quick to respond - which has NOT always been my experience with other pediatric practices. 

Dr. Price's dynamic approach to pediatric wellness has absolutely made a positive impact in my children's health and happiness. 

I met Dr. Price after attending a class at her clinic and knew immediately that I wanted her to be our Pediatrician. I was blown away by her practice model and never imagined having access to a Pediatrician like this. I also loved that I wouldn’t need to sit in a waiting room full of sick kids for an appointment. My husband was hesitant at first because he had never heard of having this type of relationship with a doctor and was skeptical of this type of set up. My once skeptical husband quickly appreciated having her as our Pediatrician when we had our son 2 months early. The peace of mind that comes with having Dr. Price available whenever we have any concerns - especially for first time parents of a preemie - is invaluable. We truly cherish having direct access to her and the care and devotion that she’s given our son. 

“Dr. Price, you made all the difference in our night!!!! Thank you so much for personally delivering Ember’s medicine so she could get some rest (during her first ever cold and fever), but also so we all could! My heart is so grateful, I never imagined I would find such personalized pediatric care.”

We love the level of personal care Dr. Price provides. We are able to call and text her when needed. She has also met us at the hospital and helped get tests done in a timely manner. This model of care just makes sense and we really value the peace of mind it brings.”

Dr. Price is incredible! She respects and educates our family and helps up find the right fit. When faced with a trip to the ER she never left my side. Pretty sure that would never happen at another practice. We’ve been super happy and look forward to growing together!

Dr. Price has completely changed our lives for the better. As parents to newborn twins as well as two older children, the unparalleled convenience of house calls and on demand communication, coupled with the thoughtful and tailored care for all four of our children is our greatest peace of mind as parents. Her skill and care as a physician is unmatched and the love she has for her patients, old (me!) and young is tangible and infectious. She is one of a kind!”

We have found Dr. Price to be a knowledge and concerned physician who genuinely cares for our infant son. We love the continuity of care her practice provides. As members, we have direct access to her, seven days a week for all questions, great and small.  She was even willing to give us time while she was on vacation with her family this summer.

 She strives to provide resources and be of help with more than just medical-related needs.  She is exceptionally patient, spending as much time with our son (as well as his nervous, first time parents) as needed.  Our in home visits are always over an hour and her kind, nonjudgemental approach is very reassuring. Dr. Price is also a skilled lactation consultant. Her expertise has been an enormous asset in supporting our efforts to breastfeed. She has our full professional endorsement.”

“Dr Price has been a breath of fresh air in the medical system. Dr Price has a wholistic approach to our sons health, being involved in all aspects of his development since his birth. She has gotten to know our son and family well, and we love seeing her genuine care and playful interaction with our son. We are expats and appreciate that Dr Prices knowledge extends beyond USA medicine. 

We’ve really enjoyed being part of Dr Price’s practice and can’t imagine seeing a “regular” Pediatrician, it wouldn’t compare to our experience, and we are so thankful our son has the best care we could imagine.”

“I struggle to find the words that adequately express my love for Dr. Price, but here goes: As a new mom, I wanted a pediatrician who would make me feel comfortable— who would answer my questions regarding vaccinations and breastfeeding without condescension. She's provided that and much, much more! Dr. Price has given our family customized services that help us confidently plan for our child's life, personalized to our needs. From late night emails, early texts to home visits, Dr. Price makes herself available in ways that I never thought a healthcare professional would. Her "concierge care" (as we like to call it) has made an immeasurable, undeniable positive difference for my family. She is the best!”

“We searched high and low throughout the city for a pediatrician and are so happy we were recommended Willow Pediatrics. Dr. Price was so helpful while I struggled with breastfeeding; I would have given up a long time ago if she wasn’t so supportive. Dr. Price provides her knowledge and resources but ultimately lets us decide what we think is right for our baby. The amount of time and care we receive with each visit has made us so grateful to be apart of this practice.